BISWO is an innovative wastewater treatment system for domestic household under arid climate. It provides an economic and environmental alternative for wastewater treatment. The system allows to reduce the use of drinkable water for irrigation by reusing treated water onsite. Low energy consumption and the non-desludging of the process reduces the carbon footprint of the water treatment.

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The system relies on nature-based process patented by NOBATEK/INEF4, lumbrifiltration, and has been tested in Dubai under real conditions. It is a Primary and Secondary treatment process based on the action of earthworms and microorganism that digest the organic matter and avoid the sludge production.


  • To provide an economically and environmentally sound alternative by avoiding the high costs of connection to the sewer system or the sludge truck transportation;
  • To lower the exploitation costs and to reduce carbon footprint of wastewater treatment thanks to its low energy consumption;
  • To reuse water due to the process high efficiency.

Business opportunities

NOBATEK/INEF4 offers partners to:

  • Agree a way of further development for the local market
  • Agree a way of exploitation ventures
  • Buy a licence

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