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Neighborhood Evaluation for Sustainable Territories (NEST): Assess the sustainability of urban planning projects

NEST is an innovative solution for project owners working on new construction projects.

Based on NOBATEK/INEF4’s expertise, NEST is a breakthrough web-based tool allowing the environmental impact assessment of urban project.

Based on Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) methodology, NEST provides an holistic assessment of your projects taking into account the peculiarities of each operation, based on Energy and greenhouse gases emissions.

Designed to compare simultaneously several urban planning scenario , NEST offers an intuitive and informative interface which eases the interpretation of the quantitative results.

With NEST and NOBATEK/INEF4, you will no longer be alone to face the challenges of energy and environmental efficiency at urban project level.

NEST is a web-based application implemented in the EEGLE platform which can be used from any browser. It allows the calculation of 2 indicators over the entire life cycle of a planning operation :

  • Total primary energy consumption (in MJ or kWh/user/yr)
  • Climate change (in kgCO2eq/user /yr)



Write environmental guidelines

NEST helps you in defining your environmental project guidelines based on a multicriteria assessment.


Study various scenarios

Compare the environmental efficiency of each scenario.
Particularly suited for evaluating entries to competitions of ideas or calls for tender.


Improve eco-efficiency

Optimise the performance of your urban planning projects based on Life Cycle Assessment methodology.


Ease results interpretation

Enhance the communication of your projects using objective indicators.

For special requests or needs, NOBATEK/INEF4 can also develop a tailor-made tool integrating specific indicators for your projects.

Our team

HEAD of Urban Environmental performance


Alexandre ESCUDERO
Engineer and project manager in LCA, in charge of NEST development

Our technical and funding partners

Programme Investissements D Avenir


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