Open Innovation for sustainable buildings

Our business model

The sweet spot between research and market application.

NOBATEK/INEF4’s business model seeks to find the right balance between preliminary research and its real-world application. This means developing new capabilities and implementing them via applied research contracts, project assessment, founding businesses, licensing agreements for resulting IP…

Preliminary research is piloted by technological action plans devised with the support of a Scientific Council, in which researchers from universities and partner companies participate. The action plans define key focal points and identify where technological applications are most relevant for the construction sector in its role as a part of Energy Transition and as a part of overall environmental strategy.

1. Projects with shared risk and benefit based on open-innovation principles.

“Upstream” pre-competitive applied research projects:
These are breakthrough projects that enable capitalizing on new and innovative advancements. They aim to solve technological problems identified by the sector, and are generally led hand-in-hand with laboratories and research organizations.
They are also the subjects of university theses.

“Downstream” pre-competitive applied research projects:
Shared risk and benefit collaborative projects between NOBATEK/INEF4 and other companies, with goal of quickly reaching the market.

2. Competitive Applied Research Projects.

They are responses to calls for tenders such as those from the European Union (H2020), or state agencies such as the National Agency for Research and Development (Agence Nationale de la Recherche et de la Technologie – ANRT), and Mastery of Energy Ademe, the Nouvelle Aquitaine Region, etc.

3. Market operations

These pertain to B-to-B contractual activity that contributes to NOBATEK/INEF4’s economic balance.

As a provider of services to companies, NOBATEK/INEF4 offers new tools and methods developed by upstream research projects. In parallel this commercial activity brings real world needs to light for technology, which feed the technological action plans of the Scientific Council.

4. Community requests

NOBATEK/INEF4 also organises business activities, most notably:

  • Disseminating knowledge through specialty events or talks (Debatek)
  • Trade operations aiming to promote businesses in French or international markets.

Creating businesses or start-ups based on technology developed by our Centre or entities that wish to develop their activity in synergy with NOBATEK/INEF4.