Open Innovation for sustainable buildings

Contract-Based Research

From Ideas to the Marketplace

Assessing the environmental impact of an urban development, recycle industrial waste, devising new low-carbon technology, developing forecasting and decision assisting tools… from one end to the other of the process of construction, NOBATEK/INEF4 drives the development and the transfer of innovative, research-based solutions to the marketplace.

Benefiting from the French Technological Research Centre label, contract-based research is at the heart of NOBATEK/INEF4’s activities and gives access to the French Crédit d’Impôt Recherche (CIR) scheme [Research Tax Credit scheme – where tax breaks are awarded for companies undertaking research in France].

What We Offer

NOBATEK/INEF4 supports actors in the construction sector, in complete confidentiality, in their innovative R&D aimed at energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact. We offer a 6-stage comprehensive support package:

1/ Conceptualising Ideas: defining the state-of-the-art, monitoring technological developments, analysis of patents, technology assessment, and freedom of use until proof-of-concept.

2/ Solution Design: determining needs, establishing specifications, feasibility, design thinking, compiling the design dossier, etc.

3/ Concept Optimisation and Validation: testing with computerised tools/simulations, testing units, fast prototyping, validation testing, etc.

4/ Product Industrialisation: transfers, studies, scale-up, OSH research assistance, compiling manufacturing files

5/ Pilot Implementation: evaluation of the product/service/tool in real-life application/usage.

6/ Marketing Strategy: distribution canals, certification, labels, etc.


  • Tools/products/services for Environmental Impact
  • Tools/products/services for Energy Efficiency
  • Advanced materials and construction systems
  • Energy systems
  • Passive, active and adaptable building fabric
  • Building management/pilot assistance
  • Building management/historic building management assistance
  • Novel fields of activity for construction: re-use, recycling, bio-sourced materials

Added value

  • A dedicated, experienced project manager
  • An interdisciplinary project team
  • Customised human and material resources
  • Respecting the deadlines of initial planning, in conformity with best practices
  • Regular communication and listening
  • A shared, secure space for the exchange of documents/data
  • Regular follow-up on project advancements
  • Confidentiality of exchanges and project results