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Doctoral research

Promote, support, and add value to scientific and technological research

A doctoral research projects offers a student or a professional a unique opportunity to delve into a scientific subject, while learning how to/from conducting research. Doctoral research is as open to students exiting a Master’s degree as it is to a professional seeking to acquire new capabilities.

NOBATEK/INEF4, in collaboration with doctoral supervisors, doctoral schools, and university laboratories, receives and supports PhD students or post-doctoral researchers who wish to pursue research in the field of sustainable construction and development.

As of today, various subjects have been studied: indoor air quality, wood construction, neighbourhood sustainability assessment, heating networks, active building fabrics, data science and machine learning, generative design…

Doctorants 2018 De gauche à droite : CHARBEL Nathalie, GROSS Alexandre, KALLAB Lara

From left to right: Nathalie Charbel, Alexandre Gross, Lara Kallab

Each year, several gatherings are organized between the PhD students and postdoctoral researchers of the IET and its partners (shared labs, CSTB, TECNALIA, ENSAM, etc).

These workshops are a chance to present the state of their work and showcase the diversity of scientific undertakings in the IET.

Current Doctoral Research

Automatic Web Service Composition for a Better Building Energy Management


Viva voice in September, 2019

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The aim of this thesis is to demonstrate the applicability of new information technology solutions (such as the semantic Web, the automatic composition of web services, etc.) in the technical management of buildings. These technologies are used in the design and development of an innovative computing platform that will allow the collection, preparation, and advanced processing of building data, to optimize building energy performance by different actors (building managers, occupants, etc.).

Development of bio-inspired solutions for building envelopes


Begun in January, 2019

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This thesis aims to adopt a design methodology of building envelopes based on life’s principles. It will first focus on indexing adaptive strategies of living species, identifying technical and technological problems related to the building envelope, and listing existing bio-inspired design methodologies to appropriate them. The studied strategies will then be transferred and applied to problems that are specific to the building envelope. The adopted methodology will lead to the development (prototyping, modeling and evaluation) of products or systems.

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