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IMMERSITE®: digital tool for participatory design

IMMERSITE® is an interactive tool that facilitates dialogue and the inclusive design of development and construction projects using 3D visualisation. It is made up of an easily movable wooden table, a visual display screen, and 3D printed objects.

It is easy to interact with the computational modelling of projects and see the results directly. You can view the models at work by simply moving objects around on the 2D table display. 

Explain project impacts through objective calculations (decrease of sunshine, noise, etc.) and illustrate in a simple and educational way the solutions brought by the project (parking, car traffic, soft roads, vegetation, etc.).

We make these calculations based on the needs and issues at hand, and illustrate them in a simple and instructive way.

IMMERSITE® aims to include the User (neighbours, future occupants, associations, citizens, etc.) in the decision-making process of construction and urban development projects. We use the information generated by the teams designing the project (architects, urban planners, landscapers, etc.) while avoiding impeding their work.

Let’s Get Talking.


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Real interaction between stakeholder

A tool for dialogue and reaching agreements around an interactive tool


Easy for everyone to understand

Thanks to its fun and practical format, IMMERSITE® can be used by all types of public.

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Simplify projects

Explain projects in a fun and interactive manner


Use of 3D models made by the design team

See 3D models of Developers’ plans, enhanced by NOBATEK/INEF4 expertise


Accurate 3D representation

Immerse yourself in the development project


Quick and easy to set up

The table can be set up in a meeting or exhibition room.


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