Open innovation for sustainable buildings

European projects in progress

Built to Specifications – Tools for the 21st Century Construction Site

Development of new quality check technologies, integrated in a virtual construction management platform, in order to manage the energy efficiency of both new and retrofits buildings with on-site quality assurance tools.

DR-BOB : Demand Response in Block Of Buildings

The DR-BOB Demand Response energy management solution optimises the local energy production, consumption and storage in real time. It can maximise economic profit or minimise CO2 emissions according to user requirements.
It is smart and can automatically adapt to current energy demand/ supply, dynamic price tariffs and weather conditions.

GEOFIT: Smart Geothermal Technologies 

Development of a methodology of retrofitting buildings in the area of the geothermal resources through the use of several demo sites in order to reduce the energy consumption.

SHELTER: Sustainable Historic Environments hoListic reconstruction through Technological Enhancement and community based Resilience

Establishment of a cross-scale, multidimensional, data driven and community based operational knowledge framework for heritage-led and conservation-friendly resilience enhancement and sustainable reconstruction of historic areas to cope with climate change and natural hazards.

VEEP : Cost-Effective Recycling of CDW in High Added Value Energy Efficient Prefabricated Concrete Components for Massive Retrofitting of our Built Environment

Development of a technological and cost effective solution in order to increase the C&DW recycling with the integration of new concrete and new ways to incorporated them in processes.