L’innovation ouverte pour le bâtiment durable

Février, 2019

27févallday03maralldayBuilding Fair Brno(Toute la journée) Brno, Brno


The Building Fair Brno cover practically all areas of construction – building, construction trades and technology, construction materials and products, building structures – and technical equipment of buildings. The next season of this fair will take place in winter, which will allow you to get the necessary information and an overview of new products, or to find contractors and suppliers before the actual construction season starts.

The main topic of the fair is the Smart Living project, which connects the Building Fairs Brno, the DSB – Wooden House Exhibition Brno and the MOBITEX Furniture and Interior Design Fair. Practical demonstrations will show you how smart home can work in practice – the use of various types of construction materials, technologies, furniture and design in connection with mobile and smart devices.

Key topics remain the designing in BIM, new technologies and independent expert counselling.


Février 27 (Mercredi) - Mars 3 (Dimanche)