L’innovation ouverte pour le bâtiment durable

Septembre, 2018

27septalldayalldayHorizon 2020 projects: Backing the European PV industry(Toute la journée: jeudi) Bruxelles

Meeting PV Sites : energies photovoltaiques



Overview and objectives

13:30 Chair welcome
Piotr Tulej, Head of Unit, European Commission, DG RTD

13:35 What we achieved with Horizon 2020 and where we want to go with Horizon Europe
Patrick Child, Deputy Director General, European Commission, DG RTD

13:50 Horizon 2020 implementation – The PV project portfolio
Dirk Beckers, Director, INEA

14:00 Vision of the ETIP PV
Marko Topic, Chair of the ETIP PV

SESSION I: Material and component research

Fabio Belloni, European Commission, DG RTD

14:15 Projects
Kaining Ding, NEXTBASE
Gerald Siefer, CPVMatch and SiTaSol
Wolfram Witte, SHARC25
Bart Vermang, SWInG
Lars Samuelson, Nano-Tandem

15:15 Panel discussion
Moderator, Project representatives & Audience

15:45 Coffee break

SESSION II: Industrial and market uptake

Bernardo Abello, INEA

16:00 Projects:
Claudio Coletti, AMPERE
Maider Machado, PVSITES
Luc Federzoni, CABRISS
Stefan Winter, PV-Enerate
Julius Denafas, SUPERPV + Stéphane Guillerez, GOPV (5 minutes each)

17:00 Panel discussion
Moderator, Project representatives & Audience

17:30 Concluding remarks
Piotr Tulej, European Commission, DG RTD

17:35 Networking session

18:30 End of event


Toute la journée (Jeudi)