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Juillet, 2018

22juillallday27alldayIndoor air 2018(Toute la journée) Philadelphie, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Indoor air 2018


Lundi 23 Juillet, Alexandre Gross, ingénieur chez NOBATEK/INEF4, présentera New methodology for determination of formaldehyde sorption rate con-stants for selected building materials of indoor surfaces, un travail réalisé avec Christophe Cantau, Natacha Kinadjian Caplat, Pierre Mocho, Herve Plaisance, Christophe Yrieix, Valérie Desauziers


INDOOR AIR 2018 will feature a robust technical program with fun social events

The conference technical program is driven by the intellectual content of the papers authored by its participants and published in the Proceedings. These papers may be either 2-page Extended Abstracts or 8-page Full Papers.

For the program, participants’ submissions have been organized into one of ten thematic categories, including:

  1. Concentrations and exposure
  2. Sources and emissions
  3. Chemistry and transformations
  4. Air cleaning and filtration
  5. Ventilation and HVAC systems
  6. Building simulation and CFD
  7. Microbiology and dampness
  8. Health effects and epidemiology
  9. Comfort, productivity, and perception
  10. Energy, climate change, and policy

The conference technical committee has organized the accepted papers based on the ten themes into either podium sessions or poster sessions.  The detailed technical program is here. The plenary speakers and their order of speaking and talk titles are here.


Juillet 22 (Dimanche) - 27 (Vendredi)



Philadelphia, PA, USA