L’innovation ouverte pour le bâtiment durable

Janvier, 2019

29janvallday01févalldayOCM Exposition(Toute la journée) Moscou, Moscou, Russie

salon moscovite des matériaux OCM


Since 1999 Construction Materials has been taking place in January, marking the start for the construction shows in Moscow. Over the years it has become an important event for the building industry professionals, and the only event in Russia that reflects the real situation in the national construction materials market.

According to the organizers’ and exhibitors’ opinion, it is an effective tool for the promotion of construction products in the consumer market in Russia.

Both exhibitors and visitors share the opinion that the exhibition creates a pleasant business environment and efficient working conditions. The organizers do their best, so that the participants can fulfill their expectations and achieve the set goals.

Every year the exhibition shows a steady growth, both in exhibitors’ number and size. The booth and expositions design have become more interesting and attractive as well. The exhibitors use interesting constructive solutions, efficient materials and design.

The booming construction market in Russia has attracted a lot of foreign producers over the years. This trend could be observed at the past shows, as several foreign producers have already been taking part for some time. But these numbers are expected to grow, as the result of Russia’s WTO accession, which will further liberalize the market access. On the other hand the globalization makes it hard to distinguish between local and foreign producers. These factors combined with exhibition’s long history of success have triggered the idea of an international relaunch. Starting from next year, the exhibition will focus on both local and foreign producers.


Janvier 29 (Mardi) - Février 1 (Vendredi)



Moscou, Russie